Gas-Electricity Co-optimisation

Key Features

Use PROPHET to investigate the interaction between the gas and electricty markets. All key features of the gas market are modeled including:

  • Gas supply and transport including storage in the gas network
  • Gas demand including demand from gas fired generation
  • Pipeline and storage investment options
  • Renewable Energy Targets

PROPHET's planning model co-optimises all investment options along with least cost supply of gas and electricity demands to generate a comprehensive analysis of the overall scenario. These investment decisions and other information from the optimisation can be used as inputs to other PROPHET scenarios.

Gas Investment

Model investment in the gas network and have the optimiser evaluate the cost-benefit trade off between different options. Generate least cost investment scenarios that are fully co-optimised with other model constraints and decision variables including investment in the electricty network and new entry.

  • Investment capital cost and build schedule
  • Mutually exclusive investment options
  • Investment prerequisites with multiple investment paths