What is OEC?

The Optimal Energy Controller (OEC) is suitable for controlling non-scheduled peakers, semi-scheduled wind farms and solar PV + battery installations. Intelligent algorithms use real time electricity and gas data to optimise dispatch, bidding, maintenance and equipment life as appropriate. Some of the main features of OEC include:

  • Cloud-based decision-making
  • Algorithmic dispatch
  • Optimal bidding
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Detailed reporting

Monitor Market Prices in Real-Time

  • Constantly updated electricity and gas prices
  • Historical, current and forecast prices
  • Easily compare your SRMC to market prices

Automatic Plant Control

  • Integrates with SCADA systems
  • Transparent decision-making process and thorough logging
  • User override as backup

Email & SMS Alerts

  • Keeps you constantly up to date with OEC operation
  • Easily subscribe to key market and decision-making alerts
  • Customisable message format

Customisable Trading Strategies

  • Highly configurable set of Trading Strategy Algorithms
  • Mix and match strategies with calendar
  • More sophisticated strategies are being developed

Real-Time Reporting

  • Live-updated reports on Market Prices, P & L, and more
  • Easily develop and run custom reports
  • Export report data to Excel
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