About NBA

The NEO Bids Accelerator (NBA) is a batch process that reads from NEM MMS bids tables, removes repeated data and writes it out to two separate tables either on the MMS or a separate schema or server. All the original information is retained in the “accelerated” data but typically it is only 10% of the original size thus requiring reduced storage and backup capacity. Less records means that NEO bid reports run up to 20 times faster.

  • The NBA is a program which would typically be installed on a spare computer or server.
  • It runs once per day and reads bids from MMS tables and writes them into two new compressed bids tables (CBT).
  • Can also be run manually to back populate.
  • We provide a script to create the CBTs which can be either on the existing MMS or another server.
  • NEO4 comes standard with both normal and compressed bid reports. They both give the same answers but the compressed reports are much faster.


  • Provides all the original information including final bids, rebids and FCAS bids
  • Bid reports run up to 5-20 times faster (depends on how much data is stored and the configuration)
  • Uses about 5% of the storage space of the original NEM data while keeping all the information
  • Allows much more bids data to be kept on line—potentially the whole historic NEM data set (AEMO suggests retaining only the last 40 days)
  • Typically significantly reduces load on the MMS during peak access periods.


  • Processes the BIDPEROFFER table to produce a BIDPEROFFER_A which can be used to see all rebids (i.e. bids made during pre-dispatch)
  • -Process BIDPEROFFER_D to produce BIDPEROFFER_F which provides the final 5min bids used
  • Typically these two extra tables can be stored on MMS or a separate server
  • Uses NEO4’s in-built bids decompression
  • Can run interactively but usually runs as a daily batch to process last trading days bid data

Typical Results

With a low end database server containing the last two years of data (note your database server will run much faster with say one month of data stored), the results are as follows:

  • Running a region bid stack for one week:
  • NEM data 67,418 records fetched in 19 secs NBA data 3,486 records fetched in 4 secs
  • Running a plant bid stack for a week:
  • NEM data 2,593 records fetched in 8 secs NBA data 186 records fetched in 1 sec
  • Note that the above results were obtained on a dual core 64bit 3.2GHz Xeon server with 6GB RAM.