What is Network View?

Network View is a powerful tool allowing you to visualise the status of the NEM in real time. Network view shows a comprehensive view of the high voltage distribution network, allowing you to pan, zoom, and query each element.

Scheduled outages, as well as generators and interconnectors bound by one or more constraints, are both listed and highlighted on the map. You can watch elements such as stations, links, buses, and interconnectors, and receive on-screen notifications in real time as their statuses change.



See the NEM at a time of your choosing.

The Time Travel feature allows you to select a date and time, which shows the network status at the selected time. All charts and reports, outages, generations, and flows are shown according to the specified time.

Use the Time Travel interface to conveniently move forwards or backwards in increments of five minutes, one hour, or one day; or to select another arbitrary date and time.


A collection of detailed charts and reports are available at your fingertips.

Network view gives you instant access to:

  • Station generation reports
  • Interconnector flow and constraint reports
  • Collection of regional reports including price, generation, renewables, availability, demand history and forecasts, and many more.


Custom Networks

Additional and Custom Maps

A variety of different network layouts are available at a click of a button.

Network View allows you to select from a selection of more (or less) detailed maps and layouts at any time, depending on your needs.

We can even build a custom layout especially for your organisation, allowing you to focus on the details that are most important to you.