Model Market Dynamics

Enhanced Bidding Options

Key to generating insightful market analysis is modelling actual market behaviour. Using PROPHET's enhanced bidding options you can easily generate bidding scenarios that follow observed market supply curves.

  • Go beyond simplistic bidding scenarios such as SRMC and LRMC
  • Generate sensible portfolio supply curves that take into account generator cost and physical characteristics
  • Bid to cover contract and unit outages

Profit Maximisation

The Dynamic Bid Optimiser module can evaluate rebidding opportunities to maximise profit based on the volume-price sensitivity data for a portfolio:

  • Easily add competitive market behaviour to your scenarios, rebidding scenarios when the opportunity exists to improve profits by removing generation to push prices higher, or increasing generation to displacing competitor bids at lower prices
  • Perform multiple rounds of bid adjustments that terminate when an equilibrium is reached where the portfolio can improve its position, or after a fixed number of rebidding rounds
  • Full and simplified sensitivity analysis options

User Defined Rebidding

Add user-defined rebidding rules that mimic observed market behaviour. Bid modification conditions make use of the PROPHET formula framework allowing for detailed control over when the rebidding rule is applied and also how the bid will be modified.

  • Rebid portfolios under user-defined conditions
  • Change bid band volumes and optionally prices
  • Control which bid bands are manipulated